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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Emotional Eating

Do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to lose weight?

Understanding the reasons behind the desire to be slimmer is the key to successful weight loss and maintenance. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy seeks to resolve the emotional issues central to the habits which trap dieters in cycles of self destructive feelings of failure.

Whilst raised self esteem is in itself a worthy goal trying to lose weight in order to impress or seek the approval of others is doomed to failure since it is built on the premise that we are not good enough. Event lead diets are particularly likely to fail since once the occasion has passed there is no further motive to maintain the effort. Whilst the symptom is the weight gain the cause is always over eating. Fad diets and very low calorie diets don't work however, because restrictions based on the denial of both variety and satisfaction cannot be sustained in the long run.

When weight loss is the principle goal without regard to nutritional values or general well being, the motive is generated from fear or self loathing. Over eating is an attempt to find comfort when we are experiencing strong feelings of dissatisfaction. Emotional eating disconnects us from our appetite and since emotional hunger can never be satisfied with food, this behaviour fuels an insatiable appetite that keeps us wanting more. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy re-connects us to feelings of authentic hunger and ultimately, the self acceptance necessary for us to feel comfortable in our own skin.