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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy In The Workplace

Business support / Employee assistance programme

It is easy to demonstrate the benefit of prevention over cure and equally, the paramount importance of the emotional well-being of both business owners and employees. Through the implementation of a confidential support service, individuals with problems are able to clarify situations and explore options in a safe environment. Timely support reduces the risk of long term incapacitation thus saving loss of production, mistakes and absenteeism. The counselling experience usually generates a positive outcome for all, as distractions are reduced, motivation increased and performance maximised.

Bel offers counselling on a 'Pay As You Go' basis. This extends affordability to small and medium sized business's that do not wish to commit to long term expensive contracts.

The following Service is offered:

Getting the best from your workforce

The following support is offered using a '20 Point Checklist For Success':