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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Versus Anti-Depressant Drugs

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence and the subsequent 2006 Layard Report concluded that there was little current firm evidence that mild to moderate depression is responsive to anti-depressant medication or that even specific psychological treatments are effective...

Medical trials however, consistently show that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is singularly the most successful and evidence based therapeutic intervention for the majority of anxiety or stress related conditions. This represents a major breakthrough in the rapid and strategic treatment of depressed mental states and the treatment of choice for anger management, relationship difficulties and low self esteem.

Trials also show that when boosted through the medium of hypnosis or guided mediation, CBT is also remarkably effective in the treatment of a number of other psychological problems including, phobias, fear, panic attacks, drug, food and alcohol abuse. Not only is Cognitive Therapy the most academically validated therapy, the BHMA argues that CBT is in fact more potent than anti depressant alternatives with the advantage that being drug-free, it is neither addictive, nor just a temporary fix.

States of Mind

When we are feeling depressed, upset or anxious, we don't always see things as they are, but as we are. What we do see, depends mainly on what we look for and since we attract that upon which we dwell, negative expectations have a tendency to become self fulfilling prophesies. If that sounds complicated, it simply means that our defences usually bring about that which they were meant to guard against.

Identifying and acknowledging self destructive patterns is paramount to recovery and often the revelation is an 'Aha!' moment, when we suddenly see things in a different light. Hard honesty requires consistency amongst through words and actions, as to get to the place you want to be, requires a major shift in thinking but, it is from this place that healing and growth can occur.