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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Alcohol Abuse and Smoking / Drugs

Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking / drugs are the major causes of premature and preventative death in the UK. Most alcoholics are also heavy smokers; many use harder drugs. Whatever the dependency users tend to stay together in groups and see non users as less friendly antisocial or even threatening. They often view people who try to help them with resentment believing that they have a malicious purpose toward them.

The Government, doctors and health authorities produce endless evidence and warnings about the very serious health risks associated with alcohol and tobacco / drugs but whilst these concerns have some impact the greater threat for most addicts is a fear, not of ill health but of the void they believe that would be left without the habit. It is the emptiness they believe they will feel, the boredom, the vacuum that will be left without the beloved cigarette, joint or bottle of red that terrifies them.

Albert Einstein said; You can not solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.

All behaviour is motivated and goal directed. Whether you can change direction depends on whether you think you can and as President Roosevelt said; Whether you think you can or whether you think you cant you are probably right

The courage to try something new is by far the best antidote against any kind of problem. If the thoughts behind the behaviour are not replaced with new thoughts, the behaviour will remain unchanged. Fear is always about the unknown. How will I cope? How will I handle this? Will I suffer?

We drink, smoke or use other drugs because we believe that these habits make us feel better; more relaxed, more confident. This is the Great myth. Statistics show that smokers and heavy drinkers are far more likely to visit their doctor with stress or anxiety related problems than non users. You may think 'Ahh...' but, this is because this group have more problems - this is why they are smoking / drugs and drinking in the first place.

Again not true. Just for a moment consider how many problems in your life have been caused by the very substances that you believe helps you. How many arguments have you found yourself involved in because of drink related issues? How much time off work? How anxious does looking at an almost empty cigarette packet make you feel? How much money are you spending and at whose expense? Is it worth the hassle? What is the cost to your self respect?

Most of our fears are based on a belief that we cannot handle something in some way. The aim of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is to confront harmful practices that hold us back, by replacing the driving negative force behind a habit and replacing it with a positive blue print for authentic emotional confidence. Since the benefits of giving up these unhealthy habits are immense in a very real sense, there is everything to be gained and only the bad habit[s] to loose.

Habits can only be broken however, when they are replaced with other more attractive habits. New possibilities are conceived as we act and self belief grows as we take responsibility for our own well being. If we do nothing to help ourselves, we condition our mind to believe that we are helpless and incapable of bringing about change; we become victims of our own beliefs - even when our beliefs are not true.

How we feel is the reflection of what we do or fail to do. Taking a leap of faith, even when our fears are not entirely defeated, releases us from the captivity of our own mind. The restoration of freedom through self control elevates us to new heights and the benefits of clear and resourceful thinking are soon apparent. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is always solution focused; as the saying goes, 'when you fall down a hole you don't need to know how you got there but how to get out'...

Whilst an individual's behaviour is greatly influenced by prior experience, this behaviour is by no means set in stone. By the systematic examination of assumptions which have permeated subliminal beliefs, it is possible to undo unconscious negative barriers to find a source of mental energy capable of igniting the kind of motivation necessary for change.

The moment you take action, fear diminishes. It is then possible to achieve a permanent mental shift. Willpower is not required, as it is not necessary to resist something that is no longer appealing to us. All that is needed is a commitment to learn new behaviour because; as habits are stronger than willpower, if you don't do something different, old habits will die hard and so sadly, so will you...

'Off The Record' Liver Function Testing

If you are worried about your drinking and feeling generally ill or nauseous, have fatigue, a lack of appetite or a yellowing of the skin and eyes, you may be suffering from a liver disease.

An 'Off The Record' quick check liver function test is available on request. This test is intended as an initial indication of elevated chemical markers and not conclusive of specific diagnoses. Further testing and consultation with your doctor is necessary to confirm the presence of a specific disease or health condition.